Clear frame reading glasses cleaning method
- Jul 26, 2018 -

In fact, clear frame reading glasses cleaning method, it is best to use some traditional methods, with glasses cloth, lens paper, deerskin and so on. Never use alcohol or so-called detergents that contain alcohol. Because most of the clear frame reading glasses have special layers on the surface, the main functions are radiation protection, anti-static, anti-glare, anti-gamma rays, etc., which play an important role in the display effect and the safety of the human body. 

Maybe a clear frame reading glasses cleaning cloth can't completely remove the stains. Even if some dirt attached to the surface of the clear frame reading glasses is cleaned with a cleaning cloth, it is likely to damage the fiber structure of the cloth. At this time, we need to use it. Bleach. The cleaning solution is a highly volatile and non-burning solution cleaner that quickly removes stains from the clear frame reading glasses and has no corrosive effect on clear frame reading glasses.

Clear frame reading glasses are often exposed to dust and gravel because they are often exposed to the outside. They reduce the visual appreciation of the clear frame reading glasses and give the user a bad mood. Sometimes clear frame reading A small stain on the glasses completely misleads or even mishandles the content displayed on the clear frame reading glasses, causing unnecessary trouble. Clear frame reading glasses have almost no dust-proof design. The dust is easy to adhere to the clear frame reading glasses and its frame. If it is not removed in time, the dust will accumulate less and remain clean. The difficulty and danger will continue to increase. Therefore, it is necessary to carry out simple daily care of clear frame reading glasses, which is conveniently placed in the clear frame reading glasses bag.

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