flexible glasses for children on the market
- Jul 26, 2018 -

At present, there are several methods for distinguishing flexible glasses for children on the market: A. According to the coarse subdivision of the original silk. Of course, the finer the woven fabric, the finer the fabric, and the smaller the loss of the lens and the frame. At present, mainstream products on the market are basically woven with 75d silk. Some manufacturers use 95d or even 150d raw silk to weave in order to improve the feel and lower the price. B, according to the composition of the original silk. 1, 100% polyester. 2, 80% polyester 20% nylon. 3, 70% polyester 30% nylon. 4, 30% polyester 70% nylon. Flexible glasses for children is a special cloth specially used for scrubbing the dust of spectacle lenses. So, what is the difference between the fabric of flexible glasses for children? What is the difference?

As an indispensable standard for the glasses family, the material of the flexible glasses for children is very soft, but there are many different places. Now introduce the main material of flexible glasses for children, let you know in detail whether flexible glasses for children will bring unnecessary damage to your glasses.

Flexible glasses for children can be used to wipe the lens, but this is also a method. Most of the current glasses are resin lenses, but many glasses wearers do not clean the lenses. Glasses lenses must be rinsed with water. If there is oil, you can use a little detergent or hand sanitizer. After washing, use flexible glasses for children to absorb the water. If you want to wipe the lens with flexible glasses for children, be sure to blow off the dust on the lens, then wipe it in one direction. Do not rub back and forth, otherwise it will damage the lens.