Extend The Service Life Of 1.50 Reading Glasses
- Jul 26, 2018 -

How to extend the life of 1.50 reading glasses?1.50 reading glasses glasses bag for high-end myopia, reading glasses, sunglasses. The inside of the 1.50 reading glasses is soft and delicate, and will not grind 1.50 reading glasses. Convenient and light, easy to carry, eliminating the trouble that the large mirror box can not carry. The surface of the velvet has a good texture and fine workmanship. The 1.50 reading glasses are inlaid with a drawstring in the mouth of the mirror bag, which is free to expand and contract, and the glasses are safely protected from slipping out.

1 Extend the service life of 1.50 reading glasses.

2 Prevent the traditional cleaning cloth from wiping off the dandruff and water shortage.

3 Thoroughly remove the residual lens and the stubborn stain on the clear picture.

4 Wipe 1.50 reading glasses clean, fast, convenient and disposable.

5 Clear lens is the bacteria to achieve disinfection.

6 Clean glass, 1.50 reading glasses, glass, mirrors and other glass surfaces to remove stains and absorb oil.

7 The glasses serve as a buffer to effectively prevent scratches from colliding or sharp hard objects.

8 absorption frame attached to water, dry.